Miscellaneous Records

The following records have been found from various additional sources

Burgesses of Perth

The following burgesses were recorded by David Dobson in his publication Burgesses of Perth 1600-1699. For the full source references, David's book is available from www.btinternet.com/~lds.dobson

ARCHIBALD, James, a webster, admitted as son of a burgess, 1698 (NAS)


BROUN, Alexander, a weaver burgess, 1620 (NAS)


CRIE, Patrick, a Webster burgess, Deacon of the Brabeners in 1628, deceased by 10 APR 1632 (NAS & RPCS)


HOOD, John, a brabiner burgess, confirmation of testament 2 FEB 1637 St. Andrews


HUIE, George, a brabiner burgess, conformation of testament 3 DEC 1624 St. Andrews


MILLER, Thomas, a webster’s son, admitted in 1670 (NAS)


MITCHELL, David, a Webster, admitted as a guildsbrother in 1687 (NAS)


THOMSON, Thomas, a Webster, admitted in 1671 as a son of a burgess (NAS)


VALLANCE, Thomas, born 1670, a Webster burgess, died 27 FEB 1742, husband of Janet Smyth (Greyfriars Cemetery, Perth)


WYLLIE, William, a Webster burgess, 1620 (NAS)


Wills and Testaments


The following wills and testaments for Perth based weavers and their spouses were sourced from the Scotland's People website index:



ADAMSONE, Janet, confirmed 28 JAN 1628, spouse to Alexander CRUICKSCHANK, braboner in Craigie, parish of Perth 28 JAN 1628 TT & I, St. Andrews CC

NAS: CC 20/4/8


BELL, Jonet, confirmed 17 SEP 1595, sometime spouse to William BLYTH, wobster in Perth, Inv., St. Andrews CC.

NAS: CC20/4/3


CARNEWAUCH, Annabell, confirmed 13 JUN 1618, spouse to William ROBERTSON, wobster in Perth 13 JUN 1618, TD & I, St. Andrews CC.

NAS: CC20/4/6


CHRYSTIE, Patrik, confirmed 20 MAR 1598, brabanar, burgess of Perth, TD & I, Edinburgh CC.

NAS: CC8/8/31


HAISTIE, Andro, confirmed 28 JUN 1614, wobster in Scone, TD & I, St. Andrews CC.

NAS: CC 20/4/5


HUD, John, confirmed 2 FEB 1637, braboner, burges of Perth 2 FEB 1637, TT & I, St. Andrews CC.

NAS: CC20/4/9


HUIE, George, confirmed 3 DEC 1624, braboner, burges of Perth 3 DEC 1624, TD & I, St. Andrews CC.

NAS: CC20/4/8


JAMPHRAY, Lidia, confirmed 2 JUL 1807 – relict of David McGREGOR, weaver in Perth, TD & I, St Andrews CC,

NAS: CC20/4/29


SWAN, Catherine, confirmed 10 MAR 1881, 77 Leonard Street, Perth, widow of James SWAN, sometime Weaver, Perth, d. 25  OCT 1880 at Perth, intestate, Perth SC

NAS: SC 49/31/112


WALCAR, Patrick, confirmed 15 NOV 1614, brabonar at the Brig of Perth, parish of Kinnoull, TT & I, St Andrews CC.

NAS: CC20/4/5