Kirk Seat payments by Weavers 1749-51

A document exists within the records of the Weavers Incorporation of Perth listing payments made by members of the Calling for the upkeep of the body's seat inside St. John's Kirk in Perth. The complete record, listing payments made and defaulters, is released on Records of the Weavers of Perth Vol. 1.

The following weavers are listed in the document:

Page 1


Country Freemen

Thomas Wilson in Scone

Patrick Robb in Scone

Patrick Crookshank in Scone

David Campsie in Balgaragie

Will Kinmonth

John Hood

Patrick Gardiner in Scone

Thomas Millar in […]

John Blair in […]

William Kinmonth in Shoebank

David Hepburn in Burnside

John Hood in Langtown

David Tod in Fil[…]

Laurance Lennie in Letthem

Thomas Lennie in Letthem

Robert Hood in Kintillow

John Hood in Hughfield


Money got by collection and given to John Smith




Pages 2 and 3


A List of the Weavers who pay to the building of their seat in ye Old Church

Deacon Robt Vallange

Deacon John Mar

Deacon John Robertson

Deacon John Pitcairn

James Archibald

Alexander Bog

Thomas Millar     

John Millar                          

Thomas Lennie                    

William Vallange

George Rennie

John Smyth

James Alexander elder

David Richie

Alexander Henderson

Robert Pitcairn

John Henderson

John Eason elder

William Duncan

James Alexander younger

Charles Wright

William Peddie

James Reoch

George Lennie

William Dow younger

James Gow

Alexander Wilson

James Allan

Alexander Guild

John Glass

Alexander Simpson

James Sword

Robert Hood

Alexander Vallange

James Norrel

William Dow elder

John Rintoull

Robert Scott

Patrick Crookshank

Patrick Gairns

Hugh Millar

William Sangster

John Bouce

William Goodee

John Guild

Andrew Becker

Laurance Alexander

William Murray

John Coll

James Flesher

George Archibald

Thomas Henderson

David Banks

Andrew Banks

John Eason younger

Andrew Ramsay

Alexander Robertson

David Marshall



Page 4

Deacon John Marr

Deacon John Robertson

Deacon John Pitcairn


David Tod

David Anderson

Thomas Vallange

Alexander Tod

Robert Hepburn

James Tod

Thomas Douglass

Andrew Norrel

Patrick Gardiner

George Burgess

Rachel Boll for George Prains children

David Robertsone

Robt Waddal

James Medicine

Patrick Robb

Patrick Crookshank

Lawrance Lennie

David Campsie


Patrick Will

Thos Will

Rob Millar