Weavers in the Perth Town Directory 1843-44

The following weavers names are found in the 1843-44 town directory for Perth:



ABBOT, Fotheringham, 392 High Street, weaver

ABBOT, James, Dovecotland, weaver

ABERNETHY, William, 163 South Street, stocking weaver

ALEXANDER, Alexander, Leonard Street, weaver

ALEXANDER, Gavin, 215 South Street - house 217, stockingmaker

ALEXANDER, James, Pomarium, weaver

ALEXANDER, John, Leonard Street, weaver

ALLAN, David, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

ALLAN, James, Pomarium, weaver

ALLAN, John, Pomarium, weaver

ALLAN, Robert, Pomarium, weaver

ALLAN, Robert, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

ALLAN, William, 240 South Street, weaver

ANDERSON, James, Leonard Street, weaver

ANDERSON, James, 7 Paul Street, weaver

ANDERSON, James, 163 Cross Street, weaver

ANDERSON, John, 103 South Street, weaver

ANDERSON, Thomas, Pomarium, weaver

ANDERSON, William, 219 High Street, weaver

ANGUS, Robert, Claypots Wynd, weaver

ARCHIBALD, James, 352 High Street, weaver

ARCHIBALD, William, Thimblerow, weaver

BALMAIN, David, 36 Meal Vennel, weaver

BALMAIN, James, Bridgend, weaver

BANKS, Alexander, Clayholes, weaver

BARLAS, William, Dovecotland, weaver

BARRIE, Ninian, 308 High Street, weaver

BAXTER, James, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

BAXTER, James, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

BAXTER, William, Pomarium, weaver

BAXTER, William, 66 South Methven Street, weaver

BAYNE, Alexander, Leonard Street, weaver

BAYNE, John, Dovecotland, weaver

BAYNE, William, Dovecotland, weaver

BAYNE, William, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

BELL, Peter, Leonard Street, weaver

BELL, William, Paul's Close, Newrow, weaver

BELL, William, Clayholes, weaver

BELL, William, 4 Paul Street, weaver

BISSET, David, 220 South Street, weaver

BISSET, William, Thimblerow, weaver

BLACK, James, Dovecotland, weaver

BLAIR, Alexander, Cross Street, weaver

BLAIR, Andrew, Newrow, weaver

BLAIR, John, 23 Kirkgate, stockingmaker

BLAIR, John, 59 Skinnergate, stockingmaker

BLAIR, Thomas, Leonard Street, weaver

BOYD, David, 1 Paul Street, weaver

BOYD, James, 4 Paul Street, weaver

BRODIE, Andrew, Leonard Street, weaver

BROWN, Alexander, Pomarium, weaver

BROWN, James, Barossa Street, weaver

BROWN, Jameson, Leonard Street, weaver

BRUCE, George, Thimblerow, weaver

BRUNTFIELD, Andrew, Claypots Wynd, weaver

BRYSON, Thomas, Pomarium, weaver

BUCHAN, Henry, Dovecotland, weaver

BUCHAN, James, 327 High Street, weaver

BUCHAN, John, Leonard Street, weaver

BURGESS, John, Pomarium, weaver

BURGESS, Peter, Pomarium, weaver

CAMERON, Duncan, 199 South Street, weaver

CAMERON, James, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

CAMERON, James, Dovecotland, weaver

CAMERON, Peter, 36 Meal Vennel, weaver

CAMPBELL, Alexander, Leonard Street, weaver

CAMPSIE, James, Pomarium, weaver

CHALMERS, David, Clayholes, weaver

CHALMERS, George, 230 South Street, stocking-weaver

CHRISTIE, George, Bridgend, weaver

CHRISTIE, James, Newrow, weaver

CHRISTIE, John, 10 Skinnergate, weaver

CHRYSTAL, Alexander, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

CLARK, James, Thimblerow, weaver

CLARK, John, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

CLOW, Alexander, 36 Meal Vennel, weaver

COCHRANE, David, Leonard Street, weaver

COCHRANE, David, Cross Street, weaver

COCHRANE, James, Leonard Street, weaver

COCK, David, Leonard Street, weaver

COMB, Thomas, Dovecotland, weaver

COUTTS, George, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

COUTTS, James, 266 High Street, weaver

COUTTS, John, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

COUTTS, William, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

COVENTRY, John, 129 South Street, weaver

COVENTRY, John, 400 High Street, weaver

COWANS, William, Dovecotland, weaver

COWPER, David, Pomarium, weaver

CRAIG, Peter, Pomarium, weaver

CRAIGAN, James, 155 South Street, weaver

CRAIGIE, James, 13 Paul Street, weaver

CRAWFORD, William, Thimblerow, weaver

CREE, David, Cross Street, weaver

CREE, John, Leonard Street, weaver

CREE, Robert, Cross Street, weaver

CRERAR, Alexander, Clayholes, weaver

CRICHTON, James, Pomarium, weaver

CRIGHTON, David, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

CRIGHTON, James, Pomarium, weaver

CRIGHTON, William, Leonard Street, weaver

CROLL, Thomas, 321 High Street, weaver

CROW, David, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

DAVIDSON, John, Dovecotland, weaver

DAVIDSON, Laurence, Pomarium, weaver

DONALDSON, Charles, 8 Paul Street, weaver

DONALDSON, David, 8 Paul Street, weaver

DONALDSON, David, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

DONALDSON, George, Shuttlefield Close, weaver

DONALDSON, William, 214 High Street, weaver

DOUGALL, John, 36 Meal Vennel, weaver

DOUGALL, John, 103 South Street, weaver

DOUGLAS, Alexander, Thimblerow, weaver

DOUGLAS, Robert, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

DOW, James, 7 Paul Street, weaver

DUFF, Charles, Pomarium, weaver

DUFF, John, Leonard Street, weaver

DUFF, William, Pomarium, weaver

DUNCAN, Alexander, 232 High Street, weaver

DUNCAN, John, 8 Paul Street, weaver

DUNCAN, Peter, Dovecotland, weaver

EASSON, William, Cross Street, weaver

ELDER, David, Newrow, weaver

ELDER, Henry, Pomarium, weaver

ELDER, John, Barossa Street, weaver

EWART, James, 71 Mill Street, weaver

FENWICK, George, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

FENWICK, Stewart, Pomarium, weaver

FERGUSSON, James, Pomarium, weaver

FERGUSSON, John, Newrow, weaver

FINLAYSON, Alexander, 338 High Street, weaver

FORD, David, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

FORSYTH, Alexander, Pomarium, weaver

FORSYTH, Andrew, Leonard Street, weaver

FORSYTH, James, Cross Street, weaver

FORSYTH, John, Cross Street, weaver

FRASER, Henry, Leonard Street, weaver

FRASER, Hugh, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

FRASER, James, 55 Meal Vennel, weaver

GAIRNS, John, 211 South Street, weaver

GALLOWAY, George, Dovecotland, weaver

GALLOWAY, James, Pomarium, weaver

GALLOWAY, John, Pomarium, weaver

GALLOWAY, Robert, 278 High Street, weaver

GALLOWAY, Thomas, Pomarium, weaver

GARDINER, Robert, 23 Kirkgate, stockingmaker

GARVIE, John, Earl's Dykes, weaver

GEEKIE, James, Dovecotland, weaver

GELLATLY, Alexander, 327 High Street, weaver

GIBSON, John, Pomarium, weaver

GILCHRIST, Andrew, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

GILLESPIE, James, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

GLASS, David, Clayholes, weaver

GOODALL, John, Curfew Row, weaver

GOW, James, Leonard Street, weaver

GOW, Thomas, Pomarium, weaver

GRAHAM, John, Pomarium, weaver

GRAY, David, Cross Street, weaver

GRAY, James, Cross Street, weaver

GRAY, Robert, St. Paul's Close, Newrow, weaver

GREGOR, John, 323 High Street, weaver

GRIMMOND, Robert, Pomarium, weaver

HALL, James, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

HALLEY, David, Pomarium, weaver

HALLEY, David, Dovecotland, weaver

HALLEY, George, Dovecotland, weaver

HALLEY, James, Claypots Wynd, weaver

HALLEY, James, Pomarium, weaver

HALLEY, William, Pomarium, weaver

HARRIS, Ebenezer, Claypots Wynd, weaver

HARRIS, William, Claypots Wynd, weaver

HAY, Charles, Dovecotland, weaver

HAY, David, Cross Street, weaver

HAY, James, Clayholes, weaver

HAY, John, Pomarium, weaver

HAY, John, Leonard Street, weaver

HAY, John, Newrow, weaving agent and grocer

HAY, Peter, Pomarium, weaver

HAY, Thomas, Pomarium, weaver

HENDERSON, Peter, 71 Mill Street, weaver

HENDERSON, Robert, Thimblerow, weaver

HENDERSON, Thomas, Thimblerow, weaver

HEPBURN, Alexander, 14 Canal Crescent, weaver

HERD, John, Pomarium, weaver

HILL, David, Mill-wynd Close, weaver

HOBSON, James, 44 St John Street, stocking-weaver

HOBSON, John, 16 Canal Street, stocking-weaver

HOOD, William, Pomarium, weaver

HORNE, Alexander, Dovecotland, weaver

HORNE, Alexander, Pomarium, weaver

HUME, David, 74 South Street, weaver

HUTCHISON, Andrew, Old Dundee Road, Bridgend, weaver

HUTCHISON, John, Newrow, weaver

HUTCHISON, John, Pomarium, weaver

HUTTON, James, 170 South Street, weaver

IMRIE, Robert, Leonard Street, weaver

JACKSON, John, Cross Street, weaver

JOHNSTON, Henry, 112 South Street, weaver

JOHNSTON, James, Curfew Row, weaver

JOHNSTON, John, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

JOHNSTON, William, 103 South Street, weaver

JOHNSTON, William, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

JOHNSTON, William, Pomarium, weaver

KEAY, William, Dovecotland, weaver

KEILLER, George, Dovecotland, weaver

KEIR, William, 66 South Methven Street, weaver

KELTY, John, Pomarium, weaver

KENNEDY, David, 384 High Street, weaver

KING, Andrew, 354 High Street, weaver

KING, Andrew, 360 High Street, weaver

KINLOCH, David, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

KINMONTH, Alexander, Earl's Dykes, weaver

KINNOCH, John, Pomarium, weaver

KNOX, John, Leonard Street, weaver

LAING, George, 12 Castle Gable, weaver

LAING, James, Dovecotland, weaver

LAMB, John, Dovecotland, weaver

LARG, Alexander, 87 High Street, weaver

LARG, James, Newrow, north end, weaver

LARG, Peter, 297 High Street, weaver

LAUDER, George, Cross Street, weaver

LAUDER, George, 52 Mill Street, weaver

LAURIE, Alexander, Pomarium, weaver

LAURIE, James, Pomarium, weaver

LAURIE, John, Pomarium, weaver

LITTLEJOHN, David, Pomarium, weaver

LOCKHART, John, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

LOW, Alexander, Leonard Street, weaver

LOW, James, Leonard Street, weaver

LUKE, James, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

LUKE, James, 368 High Street, weaver

LUTTET, George, 190 South Street, weaver

LUTTET, George, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

LYALL, William, Dovecotland, weaver

MALCOLM, James, Dovecotland, weaver

MALLOCH, Peter, Dovecotland, weaver

MALLOCH, William, Leonard Street, weaver

MARSHALL, John, 103 South Street, weaver

MARSHALL, John, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

MARSHALL, William, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

MARTIN, David, Kinnoull Causeway, weaver

MARTIN, James, Leonard Street, weaver

MELVILLE, Charles, Leonard Street, weaver

MELVILLE, James, Reform Place, weaver

MENIE, James, Old Guard Vennel, stockingmaker

MILLAN, James, 294 High Street, weaver

MILLER, Alexander, Thimblerow, weaver

MILLER, Andrew, 10 Paul Street, weaver

MILLER, David, Thimblerow, weaver

MILLER, James, Leonard Street, weaver

MILLER, John, Newrow, weaver

MILLER, John, Pomarium, weaver

MILLER, Thomas, Leonard Street, weaver

MILLER, Thomas, 24 Meal Vennel, weaver

MILLER, Walter, Dovecotland, weaver

MILLER, William, Coupar Angus Road, Bridgend, weaver

MILLER, William, Leonard Street, weaver

MILLER, William, 206 South Street, weaver

MILLER, William, Pomarium, weaver

MILNE, David, Pomarium, weaver

MILNE, James, Pomarium, weaver

MITCHELL, James, Leonard Street, weaver

MONCRIEFF, Alexander, Pomarium, weaver

MONCRIEFF, David, Pomarium, weaver

MOODIE, William, Cross Street, weaver

MOON, Robert, 214 South Street, weaver

MORE, Andrew, Leonard Street, weaver

MORE, David, Pomarium, weaver

MORE, Robert, Leonard Street, weaver

MORTON, James, Cross Street, weaver

MORTON, John, 211 South Street, weaver

MUNRO, James, Dovecotland, weaver

MURRAY, David, 211 South Street, weaver

MURRAY, James, 27 Skinnergate, weaver

MURRAY, John, 306 High Street, weaver

MURRAY, Robert, 240 South Street, weaver

MURRAY, William, 279 High Street, weaver